On this page you will find information about working one or several shifts during WOO HAH! Festival. Various position are available during the festival: from working behind the bar to providing information at the information desk. You can read what each job entails below and register via the attached link. If you want to work with a friend, acquaintance or family member, that would be possible. Do not forget to mention them as described on the registration form. We will do our best to place you together on the scheduled shift. Always keep in mind that applying for a shift or certain position is not a guarantee. If you have any questions or comments, you can contact us at woohahcrew@013.nl.

For updates on the situation regarding the COVID-19 virus, please visit our news section.



As a bar employee, you are responsible for ensuring that everyone gets their ordered drinks. You perform this task in a guest-oriented way and help the visitors with questions about the festival. You work clean and fast and your motivated attitude ensures an even better festival experience for the visitor.



Every festival has to be built from scratch and we can also use your help. As a construction and dismantling employee, you are available one day before WOO HAH! and one day after WOO HAH!. It is important that you are in a good state of health, given the work involved.



To provide festival visitors with all every convenience, WOO HAH! Festival provides a camping site with space for private tents, pre-pitched tents and fully furnished houses. You help support the camping team.



As an information desk employee, you are a representative of the festival and you provide information to any visitors who request it. This is done in a friendly, visitor-oriented and correct manner.



As an accreditation crew member you work in the tent where all your colleagues come in to work. You radiate enthusiasm and try to help your colleagues as friendly and smoothly as possible.



As part of the catering team you support the chefs who prepare the food for the crew at our catering locations. You can be asked to perform various tasks such as washing dishes, accompanying the buffet or replenishing drinks / food. You are jointly responsible for keeping the crew catering clean so that you and your fellow crew members can work and eat in a clean place. Because you might be transporting food to different locations, it would be beneficial if you have a driving license.



On the days that you are not scheduled for a working shift, you can go to the festival site as a visitor. On these days you can get an access bracelet or ticket at the crew reception area and enter the site through the visitor entrance. We assume that you arrive on time for your shift the next day.

After a completed shift, you will have access to the site if it is still open to visitors.

You will receive the definitive schedule approximately 2 weeks before the festival starts. You can find out when and at which workplace you are scheduled. If you want to know whether you are scheduled together with a friend, acquaintance and / or family, you can compare this information.

You are very welcome to work with a friend, acquaintance and / or family member. You will be given the opportunity to apply in the registration link. We do our very best to put everyone together but it’s never a guarantee.

In the registration link you will be asked whether you want to stay at the campsite or not. We take this into account during the festival. You need to bring your own camping gear and follow the guidelines on the website of WOO HAH! as far as the campsite is concerned.

As a volunteer you pay a deposit of 75 euros for your scheduled service. The deposit must be paid to 013 Poppodium 3 weeks before the first festival day. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your service without a deposit. Your deposit will be refunded in the week after the festival.

As a crew member you can use the crew shuttle that departs from 013 Poppodium in Tilburg. You do not have to pay extra for this. If you want to use the official visitor shuttle from the central station in Tilburg, you must mention this via the registration link and you will receive a ticket from us.

If you become ill and or can no longer come to the festival site due to unforeseen circumstances, you must report this to our helpdesk as soon as possible via woohahcrew@013.nl or call the helpdesk number that will be announced in the weeks before the festival.


Get in the mood during the Crew pre-party, which can be visited exclusively by volunteers from the festival. You will receive more information about this evening by email as soon as you register via the registration link. 

Stay up to date about volunteering at WOO HAH! via the Facebook group