WOO HAH! will happen on Friday 12, Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 July at the Beekse Bergen events site.

On Friday the site will open at 18h30 and the campsite will open at 13h00.

On Saturday the site will open at 13h30 and closed at 03h00.

On Sunday the site will open at 13h30 and closed at 00h30

On Friday, the festival is open from 18h30 to 03h00 and the campsite will open at 13h00.

On Saturday our festival site is open from 13h30 until 03h00.

On Sunday the site will open at 13h30 until 00h30

The camping closes at 12h00 on Monday, you need to leave and pack your stuff before this time. From 10h00 and on, our team will wake you up.

Rented accommodations like bungalows need to be clean and empty at 10h00 on monday

WOO HAH! is open to all ages, but if you are younger than 16 years old, you must be accompanied by someone who is aged 18 or older.

We advise visitors who are younger than 16 not to stay on the WOO HAH! campsite and to always be accompanied by someone over 18. Visitors below 18 are given a special wristband.

Yes: after your ticket has been scanned, you will be given a wristband that shows for which day or days you have bought a ticket.

It is not allowed to go back and forth to the festival with food and drinks, our team will take away your food/drinks.

There are no ATMs (cash machines) on the festival site or the neighboring campsites. You can pay for tokens and cigarettes and most merchandise using a bank card/PIN. So you don’t really need to carry cash at WOO HAH! (but of course you can pay for tokens with cash if you want to).

Yes: for a small fee, you can use our lockers. We advise you to leave valuable items at home.

Large bags and rucksacks are not permitted on the festival site – but they are allowed on the campsites. The only exception is handbags no bigger than an A4 sheet of paper and no thicker than approx. 10 centimeters. These are allowed on the festival site.

Yes: there are various places on the festival site where you can charge up your phone. You can also rent a powerbank, bring your own cable for the best result! After you return the powerbank you will get your deposit back.

Yes: our facilities include accessible sanitary facilities and a platform for wheelchairs at stages 1, 2 and 3. Please do bear in mind that a large part of our site is an (open) natural environment, including meadows and a beach, so 100% wheelchair access cannot be guaranteed.

If you need a parking spot near the festival, sent a mail to You will receive more info about the possibilities closer to the festival.

WOO HAH! has various different stages, including two large main stages (outdoor) and two stages in tents.

Yes: during the festival you can check our festival map to see the various First Aid spots that are available at the festival and the campsite.

The house style for WOO HAH! 2019 was designed by Toykyo in Ghent.

House rules

Enjoying music, partying, camping is fun, but keep in mind it can come with some risks. From sore feet to using alcohol and drugs. It is good to be aware of the risks. For more info and tips check Celebrate Safe.

Hard drugs are not allowed at WOO HAH! We all know that there are risks involved in using alcohol and/or drugs.  For more information, including  about health risks, see and

At WOO HAH! we want everyone to enjoy themselves and have a good time. Be respectful to eachother to create an unforgetable festival experience together.

(sexual) violence or harassment will NOT be tolerated at WOO HAH!

If you are being harassed, or threatened: notify us! You can do this at our security staff or first aids posts. The staff will be notified to and we’ll help you out. All of our security staff have been trained and know how to act. If you’d rather want to speak to female security staff we have this option available.

You can also notify us online about harassment. Do this via Facebook Messenger for direct assistance, or via

You can press charges with the police in case of unacceptable behaviour. The organisation can assist you in this if you want.

You can visit Centrum Seksueel Geweld for more general info.


At WOO HAH! you have the ability to sleep at our campsite.

If you want to stay at our campsite, you will need a weekendticket incl. campsite.

If you want to camp at WOO HAH! but are not interested in carrying around all of your camping gear we have the ideal solution for you: Camp WOO HAH!.
At Camp WOO HAH! we will set up various pre-pitched tents including air mattresses or field beds, with or without sleeping bags for you and your friends.

For more info check our Camp WOO HAH! page. 

Staying for the night is not compulsory – but it is the ideal way to experience WOO HAH!

Keep in mind that if you’re travelling back in the night that public transport often doesn’t run anymore.

The campsite is open from Friday 12 July at 13h00, and it closes on Monday 15 July at 12h00.

The campsite is only accessible for holders of a weekendticket that stay at the campsite, or one of the various accommodations.

If you want to camp at WOO HAH! but are not interested in carrying around all of your camping gear we have the ideal solution for you: Camp WOO HAH!.

At Camp WOO HAH! we will set up various pre-pitched tents including air mattresses or field beds, with or without sleeping bags for you and your friends.

For more info check our Camp WOO HAH! page.

All the regular accommodations including log cabin’s, lodges and more are sold out. If you have already booked one of these accommodations you can find more info via the website of Beekse Bergen.

During the month of July bookers of the accommodation will get more info via e-mail with travel information, general info about the booking, opening times and house rules.

To stay the night at the WOO HAH! campsite you need have to have a valid weekendticket incl. camping.

Each person staying the night at the campsites needs an individual camping ticket – it is not possible for more than one person to stay with just one camping ticket, even if they are sharing a tent.

If you want to stay in one of the luxurious accommodations you need to book in advance. During the booking of your accommodation you can order the necessary festivaltickets for you and your travelparty. The price of your tickets will be added on top of the accommodation prices. You can book the accommodation of your choosing starting Saturday December 15 at 10.00 CET.

No: it is not possible to bring your own camper or caravan onto our site. You can make use of bungalows and other accommodation options offered by the Beekse Bergen holiday park. Check this site for these options.

There will be enough sanitary facilities for you to use on the campsite. We will clean these facilities, but you can help out by keeping them clean for others.

The bungalows have their own private toilets. For all info about sanitary facilities in the accommodations check our accommodations page.

We don’t have a limit on the size of tents, as long as they correspond to the number of people sleeping in them. Army tents and/or tents larger then these are not permitted. Partytents in all shapes and sizes are also NOT permitted.

No: there is no electricity supply at the campsite – you can charge your telephone on the festival site by buying powerbanks. Bring your own cable for the best results. You will get your deposit back after you return the powerbank.

There will be a store available at the campsite where you can buy food and more.

Yes: but you will need a parking ticket. Also, bear in mind that it is not possible to have your motorbike next to your tent and/or accommodation.

Food & Drinks

At our festival, you pay using tokens that are available from the various vending machines at the campsite and the festival site.

Our caterers can take the most common allergies into account in their product ranges – let them know about your allergy before ordering. If you are in doubt about whether you are allergic to a product, you can always ask for alternatives. Do you have to take medicines? Make sure you have a valid prescription for them so our security can let you in.

It is not permitted to bring your own food and drinks onto the festival site – but this is allowed on the campsite for more info on what food and drinks you can bring, check out our terms and conditions.

At WOO HAH! we use biobased PLA cups. The cups look like traditional plastic cups, but they are made of biomass. By making use of these cups we limit harming the environment. For more info about our cups and the way we recycle please read more here.


There are 4 kinds of tickets available:
Weekend tickets incl. camping: €169 (incl. service fee)
Weekend tickets excl. camping: €134 (incl. service fee)
Day tickets Saturday / Sunday: €79 (incl. service fee)
Day tickets Friday: €59 (incl. service fee)

When ordering your tickets you can immediately order tickets for your travel to WOO HAH!

Tickets will be available starting Saturday December 15 at 10h00 CET via and

Parking tickets
With these tickets you have access to a parking spot nearby

These busses drive back and forth from Tilburg central stations to the WOO HAH! festival. This trips takes around 30 minutes. For more info check ‘Shuttlebus’ on the Travel page.

Event travel
event travel organizes bus trips from many cities in Holland to WOO HAH!. Check their website for more information.

Tickets are available on this website and Order tickets ONLY from Ticketmaster to be guaranteed of a genuine, valid ticket.

You can download your tickets again by logging in with your account at Forgot the password to your Ticketmaster account? Then contact Ticketmaster at

No: we don’t sell any VIP tickets and/or any other tickets that give you priority over other festival visitors.

No: we can’t do this. Buying a ticket from any source other than Ticketmaster is at your own risk and is discouraged by the organization. We strongly advise you to buy tickets only from

No: this is not permitted, your wristband is strictly personal and non-transferrable. So it is not possible to go yourself on Saturday, for example, and give your wristband to someone else to go on Sunday. Our security will check all wristbands every day at the entrance.

How to get there

WOO HAH! takes place at the Beekse Bergen events site, located in Hilvarenbeek, Brabant (Tilburg Region).

Enter ‘Hilvarenbeek’ into your navigation system and then follow the yellow signs from there to the WOO HAH! festival site.

Every day, shuttle busses will run between Tilburg central station and the festival site.

Enter ‘Hilvarenbeek’ into your navigation system, then switch off your navigation system once you see the yellow signs to WOO HAH!

We advise you to buy a weekend ticket and stay at the festival for the whole weekend to get the full experience.

If you want to use the trains, we advise you to consult the NS journey planner for the most suitable train times. Keep in mind the festival runs till 03h00 on Friday and Saturday. Trains will not run anymore at this hour.

Shuttle busses will run every day between Tilburg central station and our festival site. You will need a seperate ticket for this shuttle bus.  You can find more info at our travel page.

Event Travel arranges organized bus fares to WOO HAH! from every major city in the Netherlands, so there is always a spot where you can hop on. Check out the Event Travel website for tickets and travel information.

Are you travelling from outside of the Netherlands? Then see our tips on this page.

Yes: bike racks are provided at the entrance to our campsite/festival site.

There is a Kiss & Ride zone at the entrance to our campsite/festival site: just follow the yellow signs.


We advise you to get the ear protection that suits you best – but of course we also have earplugs available on our site. See the festival map for the places where you can buy earplugs.

This is possible, please e-mail for all press requests. Be sure to answer the automated reply to receive more info close to the festival.

Great! Be sure to post your tips in the official WOO HAH! facebook event. Our bookers keep a close look at this event.

You can find all info on this website, if you have any other questions left, please contact us at or hit us up at Facebook Messenger.

We advise you to get the ear protection that suits you best – but of course we also have earplugs available on our site. See the festival map for the places where you can buy earplugs.