WOO HAH! takes place at Friday July 12, Saturday July 13, Sunday July 14 at Evenemententerrein Beekse Bergen Hilvarenbeek (The Netherlands).

The festival grounds are situated at evenemententerrein Beekse Bergen which is reachable by public transportation (via shuttlebuses), via EventBus Travel, by car and by bike.

Festival Shuttlebus

The festival shuttlebus is the best way to get to the festival and campsite if you’re using public transport to get to WOO HAH! Once you arrive at the Central Station of Tilburg exit the station via the ‘Burgemeester Stekelenburgplein‘ exit, the shuttle buses will be waiting for you there.

Festival shuttlebuses will drive with intervals throughout the whole day between the Central Station of Tilburg and the WOO HAH! festival site. The trip will take you approximately 30 minutes.

Only retour tickets are available that allow you a trip to the festival and a return trip. It does not matter if your return trip will be on a different day as your trip to the festival. If you travel to the festival for several days in a row you will need a seperate retour ticket for each day.

Shuttlebus tickets are available for €10,- (incl. service fee)

If you buy tickets at the bus itself they will cost you €12.

Shuttlebusses will run:
On Friday and Saturday from 12.00 till 03.15
On Sunday from 12.00 till 00.45
On Monday from 08.00 till 12.00

Heads up: Regular public transport busses will NOT travel to our festival site. Although they travel in the same direction, you will end up in the middle of nowhere and will have to walk several miles to reach our entrance.


The festival grounds are located at Safari Park Beekse Bergen which is reachable by a shuttlebus from Tilburg Central Station. If you’re travelling to WOO HAH by train, take the train to Tilburg Central Station. From there our shuttlebusses will take you directly to the festival.

Be sure to check your travel date in the NS journey planner before your journey. On the road you can use the Reisplanner Xtra app or use Be sure to also plan your trip back!

All traintickets with discount are sold out!

Keep in mind: WOO HAH! runs till 03h00 on Friday and Saturday, on Sunday the festival will run till 01h00 so plan your return trip accordingly. 

Eindhoven Shuttlebus

Eindhoven is close to Tilburg and offers a lot of hotels and other places to stay. We provide a special bus service that runs every day from the Central station of Eindhoven to the WOO HAH! festival site and back. You can buy a passe partout of €45,- that allows you to travel back and forth for all three days on a time slot of your choosing. You can buy your passe partout ticket via the online webshop

You wil buy a ticket with a specific timeslot. For this timeslot you are guaranteed to have a seat. It is allowed to take the bus at another time then your specified timeslot, but only if there are seats available, full = full.


EventTravel arranges organized bus fares to WOO HAH! from every major city in the Netherlands, so there is always a spot where you can hop on.

Check out the Event Travel website for tickets and travel information


Beekse Bergen is also reachable by car. Set your GPS/Navigation to ‘Hilvarenbeek’. switch off your navigation system once you see the yellow signs to WOO HAH!

If you come by car you will need a valid parking ticket. You can buy your ticket in advance via our ticket page.

Daytickets will cost you €15 and weekendtickets will cost you €25. On the location itself the prices are higher (Dayticket €18 and Weekendticket €30).

There is also a Kiss & Ride zone available at the entrance of our campsite/festival in case you get dropped of, just follow the yellow signs.


If you live close to the festival and want to come by bike there is the ability to stall your bike close to the festival entrance. Just follow the bike signs!


Are you travelling from abroad? Check our travel document for some extra information that will help make your trip to WOO HAH! festival a lot more smooth. Make sure to always check travel times and stay up to date about travel delays.

Read the travel document here.