10 Essential points for your stay at the Holiday Park

WOO HAH! will happen on Friday 12, Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 July at the Beekse Bergen event site. Beekse Bergen is located in Hilvarenbeek, Brabant (Tilburg Region).

On Friday, the Holiday Park will open at 13.00 and closes Monday July 15 at 10.00

On Friday, the festival is open from 18h30 until 03h00

On Saturday our festival site is open from 13h30 until 03h00.

On Sunday the site will open at 13h30 until 00h30

Heads up: Do not arrive earlier than the opening times. Camping in the wild is forbidden by Dutch law.

You can check the WOO HAH! timetable here!

The official WOO HAH! 2019 app allows you to mark your favorite artists in the schedule, discover new acts and get the latest news on WOO HAH! 2019. Click one of the links below to download the app.

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On Friday at 13.00 Holiday Park reception on Central Square will be open for WOO HAH! visitors to check in for their accommodation. In order to get access the Holdiay Park and the festival site during the weekend, it’s mandatory to wear an festival wristband.

– Checking in
In order to get access to the accommodations and the festival site the main booker has to check in at the reception that is located at Central Square.

If you have any questions about your stay at the Holiday Park, you can contact Beekse Bergen via info@beeksebergen.nl or 088-9000360

Note: Make sure you can identify yourself; it is checked for age in connection with the Alcohol and Tobacco Act

WOO HAH! takes place at the Beekse Bergen event site, located in Hilvarenbeek, Brabant (Tilburg Region). There are various ways to reach the destination, check your options below:

– EventTravel
EventTravel arranges organized bus fares to WOO HAH! from every major city in the Netherlands, so there is always a spot where you can hop on.

Check out the Event Travel website for tickets and travel information

– Public transportation 

If you’re travelling to WOO HAH! by public transportation, the best way is to travel by train to Tilburg Central Station. Be sure to plan your journey ahead with www.9292ov.nl or NS Journey planner.

Every day, shuttle busses will run between Tilburg Central Station and WOO HAH!. These shuttle busses will stop near the main festival entrance. For this bus you will need a separate ticket. We suggest buying your ticket in advance. This will cost you less than buying it in the shuttlebus itself (cards only). For more information and tickets visit this page.

Upon arrival you can follow the signs to get to the main entrance. Once inside you can follow the signs ‘Holiday Park Reception’ to Central Square.  

Heads up: Regular public transport busses will NOT travel to our festival site. Although they travel in the same direction, you will end up in the middle of nowhere and will have to walk several miles to reach our entrance

– Car
Due to the fact that the Holiday Park is car free, you are only able to park your car at the central WOO HAH! parking located at a walking distance from the festival site. It is not possible to park your car(s) on the Holiday Park next to your accommodation.

Two parkingtickets for the WOO HAH! parking are included within your order. When booking the Group Jungalow or Group Jungalow Plus you will get four parking tickets for the WOO HAH! parking. If you are you travelling to your accommodation with more cars you will need to buy separate parking tickets for each car via the Ticketmaster website. We suggest buying your extra parking ticket in advance. This will cost you less than buying it at the parking spot itself (cards only).

Enter ‘Hilvarenbeek’ into your navigation system and then follow the yellow signs ‘P WOO HAH!’ and ‘P WOO HAH! overnachtend’ to the parking.

There is a Kiss & Ride zone at the entrance to our campsite/festival site: just follow the yellow signs ‘WOOHAH! Kiss & Ride’

After you’ve parked your car follow the signs to get to the main entrance. Once inside you can follow the signs ‘Holiday Park Reception’ to Central Square.  

– Bike
When you’re travelling by bike follow this route to arrive near the entrance. At the entrance you have the option to stall your bike. Keep in mind our bike stall is not guarded.

You receive this wristband after scanning your admission ticket at the main entrance. Do not lose your wristband, because only one copy per person is provided! Wristbands are personal and (therefore) not transferable.

Note: Make sure you can identify yourself; we will check for age in connection with the Alcohol and Tobacco Act

Glass, weapons, sharp items, and drugs are NOT allowed. Your luggage will be checked by our security at the entrance. The WOO HAH! house rules can be found at our FAQ page and will be published at the entrance of the park please read them carefully.

House rules (UK)
Park rules (UK)

Note: Bring your food and drinks with you when you first enter the campsite and pick up your wristband. Once you have your wristband it is not permitted to leave the campsite to pick up more drinks from, for example, the parking lot.

Bag Policy
Large bags and rucksacks are not permitted on the festival site – but they are allowed on the campsites. The only exception is handbags no bigger than an A4 sheet of paper and no thicker than approx. 10 centimeters.

WOO HAH! takes place in a lovely wooded area. Due to the persistent drought it is not allowed to bring open fire to the Holiday Park. Barbecues, candles, torches or small Campingaz cannisters are not allowed at the campsite. In additional: do not throw cigarette butts on the floor.

You can use a debit card to buy WOO HAH! tokens at our cash desks or token machines. Tokens are available at the sales points – check the map for details. It is NOT possible to withdraw cash on the festival site. Some merchandisers give the option to use your bank card for transactions.

Our advice: Make sure to have enough cash with you for the festival

For a small fee you can use our lockers, that can store jackets and/or a small backpack. We advise you to leave valuable and large items at home.

At the festivalsite there will be a Charging Service by Duracell where you can rent powerbanks to charge your phone. You can also make use of the Charge Anything Service at our campsite where you can charge your own powerbank, curling iron, speakerbox and more!

Get in the mood for WOO HAH! 2019 with the official Spotify playlist. Tune in here

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