May 20, 2019

Lil Cube presented by Noisey

🇬🇧 Last year the Lil Cube stage made it’s debut at WOO HAH! The cosy stage quickly turned into your favourite hang out spot to discover new talent, experience the best parties and check out the best talent. This year the Lil Cube will return and for this edition we’re teaming up with our friends from Noisey to provide you with the best acts for this little stage. Check the full line up below:

Pressure Cooker
Together with Urbanlab040 and We Shape we present the WOO HAH! pressure cooker. A new concept where artist that justed started their career will work together with producers in the accommodations of WOO HAH! All the music that is produced ahead of the festival will be presented at the Lil Cube during WOO HAH! 2019.

These artists have been handpicked by our bookers because they showcase talent and are ready to make the leap towards bigger crowds. That’s why we are offering them a spot at the Lil Cube stage at WOO HAH! ⁣⁣ The full line up consists of: Bokoedro, Gotu Jim, Jantje, S10, Jerra Eleven, Kid Tha 6 and Rarri Jackson 

Belgian acts
Just as the Dutch hiphop scene is evolving, so is the Belgium scene! That’s why on Sunday July 14 the Lil Cube will be turned into a place where new Belgian acts will show you what’s good! Rare Akuma, Glints and K1D are ready to take over the Netherlands and the Lil Cube will be their first stop. ⁣🇧🇪⁣

HBA Allstars
Just like last year Herman Brood Academie students and ex-students will show you their talent. Check out all the acts that will perform:

Dave Budha, Leafs, Black Acid, Josbros, Russo, NESS, Maximilli, Gianski, Rey Tranquilo, Briddeboys, Zeno, Quique, Digitzz, Ibra, Stepherd, Kid de Blid, Mick Spek, Wolf, Nanah Dae, Jay Way, Yung Fashion Gados, DJ Hyperlink, Joshua J 

What’s a festival without a proper party? That’s why whe teamed up with So Much Fun and Backyard to host during the nights and get the party started. ⁣⁣Sankoffa will close of the Lil Cube on Sunday.